New music tidings; EP2 details + 3 new singles…!

Solunar Akasha


  1. Iridescent {feat. Megan L. Divine}
  2. Ripple By Ripple
  3. Colloquial Visioning {feat. Anthony Marsico}
  4. Traversing Now
  5. Sonneteer {feat. Bryan Yamashita}

Loom Angel EP2 details:

Solunar Akasha is the album following Lyricals, the Loom Angel ambient rock e.p. that debuted one year ago today…

Lyricals set Loom Angel’s sound style; what Solunar Akasha divulges is new.

Sounds and words on this record adventure thee nature of mysterious.

Very Art Rock based, with Post-punk cinematic theatricals..

Basic songwriting essentials are nearing the goalpost

Studio recording sessions for Solunar Akasha are set to start January, 2022.

Next Step?: Loom Angel must send 3 demos to 3 collaborators.

3 surprise singles this month…

{Bridge Ream} is the first single by Loom Angel. This ambient synth instrumental is spacious & dreamy..

Stream ¬ {Bridge Realm}

Vibin’ Out (Produced By Ogi Feel The Beat) was recently released by glittering Megan L. Divine. This track is glossy, jazzy… voluptuous.

Stream ¬ Vibin’ Out

Don’t Ever Let Me Go by Megan L. Divine is one track that’s super sentimental, & memorably beautiful..

Stream ¬ Don’t Ever Let Me Go

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