The Shadowy Clouds first listen / reaction…


The Shadowy Clouds first listen / reaction…

I just listened to The Shadowy Clouds LP for the first time from start to finish…

This is my reaction^^^^^^

The coolest part though, is that immediately after hearing the record in full and making this video.. it began to rain powerfully and thunder outside..! And it hadn’t really rained in some time here so…

Does this mean that the actual shadowy clouds outside approve of this record, The Shadowy Clouds LP?

I’d like to believe so… LOL

What a fun moment, I’ll remember that universe, nature… Thank you for the synchronization

Yay, I feel really stoked about all this…

And I’ve been keeping a lot of stuff (good news type stuff) in the dark, but you’ll hear about everything that is really going on with Loom Angel Sound Healing Rock Music lately…

Just stay tuned to find out..

Pure blessings to you,

Angelo 😇

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