Solstice Sentiments 2021

12.21.21: Welcome to the end of 2021. Much gratitude for the experiences of this year. Looking forward to sharing all that was prepared. Thank you for being one piece of this Universe. The Universe is complete because of you. We’ll see you next year…❄

New music tidings; EP2 details + 3 new singles…!

Loom Angel EP2 details: Solunar Akasha is the album following Lyricals, the Loom Angel ambient rock e.p. that debuted one year ago today… Lyricals set Loom Angel’s sound style; what Solunar Akasha divulges is new. Sounds and words on this record adventure thee nature of mysterious. Very Art Rock based, with Post-punk cinematic theatricals.. BasicContinue reading “New music tidings; EP2 details + 3 new singles…!”