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I’ve been keeping this in the dark for a long time
It’s time to shed light on everything….



is happening… right here, right now!

The Shadowy Clouds LP by Loom Angel
has been suddenly released, digitally worldwide!

This album was made to
inspire you to reach your complete potential.

Think of this record as the emotionally adept soundtrack of you flourishing through the rain & the shadow…

The Shadowy Clouds fuels optimism during darkness.
A reminder for you to remain fierce amidst turbulence.

Been wanting to show you this for quite some time

As a thank you for you showing up, I want to show you one powerful technique I’ve been utilizing quietly for years.

Access the awareness of YOUR COMPLETE SELF, now!

I created an eBooklet training manuscript to help you learn a technique to activate presence, so that you can achieve SELF AWARENESS and unlock your total potential.

Advancing your sensory capacity towards 100% shall allow you to achieve what you never thought possible..

The only way to show up to your own life 100%, is to learn how to train yourself to become 100% present with your senses.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?
The world needs you now to be fulfilling your purpose so that you can help others, while achieving greatness.

This training eBooklet comes as a free bonus when you purchase The Shadowy Clouds digital MP3 album.

As a thank you for joining me for this surprise album release party, you can read some of the essential information from the manuscript freely below!

Learn the technique for inner peace & self awareness,
combining the subconscious with the conscious.

The Complete Perceptual Activation–
Training Manuscript by Loom Angel
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To learn all the significant details,
read all 6 pages of the eBooklet.

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The Shadowy Clouds– Digital Album

+ Free Bonus Training Manuscript eBooklet

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Included in the digital album package…

The Shadowy Clouds Digital LP
[10 Sound Healing Rock Songs]

*320 Kbps Best Quality MP3

FREE BONUS eBooklet:
The Complete Perceptual Activation– Training Manuscript

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