Solstice Sentiments 2021

12.21.21: Welcome to the end of 2021.

Much gratitude for the experiences of this year.

Looking forward to sharing all that was prepared.

Thank you for being one piece of this Universe.

The Universe is complete because of you.

We’ll see you next year…❄

Loom Angel Interview {Questions & Answers}

Question #1: How is the new album Solunar Akasha different than Lyricals the debut?

Answer: Making Lyricals, I wanted it to sound organic like glazed pottery.. With Solunar Akasha, I’m striving for vividness, celebratory fun, and plenitude for the songs. Multilayered electric guitars, euphoric landscapes, & intricate arrangements are what to expect…

Question #2: What does the new album sound like so far?

Answer: I’ve been pondering, “What does Heaven on Earth sound like through Rock?” I’m yearning for a Post¬punk feel that is both energetic and relaxing.. And who knows what the 3 recurring features are gonna do with that… Those mysteries are for everyone.

Question #3: Speaking of Heaven on Earth, could you elaborate on Heaven on Earth and its relevance to Rock of the modern age?

Answer: Heaven on Earth is where we are. That’s relevant to every moment, and to all genres. Being present with our Universe is how we’re going to harmonize. And music makes gateways, portals, pathways. Songs communicate emotions and sensations. It’s both entertainment and entrainment.

Question #4: Any future plans after Solunar Akasha is released?

Answer: I’m ready to get some new instruments {drums, bass, harp} and really learn how to play them; to evolve to that whole rock band sound. Ep1 & Ep2 are singer songwriter albums. I want the next work to really be dynamic and powerful. I’m starting early. It’s one other work in progress and currently there’s overlapping.

Question #5: As well as music, what do you enjoy doing?

Answer: I like to meditate, drink artesian water, eat delicious plant foods, and you know the usual having awesome experiences with people you love while celebrating the Divinity. You know, the elemental things of life; breathing presently and utilizing the magic of our existences to heal actuality… You?

The final question is for you, the readers {listeners}…

New music tidings; EP2 details + 3 new singles…!

Solunar Akasha


  1. Iridescent {feat. Megan L. Divine}
  2. Ripple By Ripple
  3. Colloquial Visioning {feat. Anthony Marsico}
  4. Traversing Now
  5. Sonneteer {feat. Bryan Yamashita}

Loom Angel EP2 details:

Solunar Akasha is the album following Lyricals, the Loom Angel ambient rock e.p. that debuted one year ago today…

Lyricals set Loom Angel’s sound style; what Solunar Akasha divulges is new.

Sounds and words on this record adventure thee nature of mysterious.

Very Art Rock based, with Post-punk cinematic theatricals..

Basic songwriting essentials are nearing the goalpost

Studio recording sessions for Solunar Akasha are set to start January, 2022.

Next Step?: Loom Angel must send 3 demos to 3 collaborators.

3 surprise singles this month…

{Bridge Ream} is the first single by Loom Angel. This ambient synth instrumental is spacious & dreamy..

Stream ¬ {Bridge Realm}

Vibin’ Out (Produced By Ogi Feel The Beat) was recently released by glittering Megan L. Divine. This track is glossy, jazzy… voluptuous.

Stream ¬ Vibin’ Out

Don’t Ever Let Me Go by Megan L. Divine is one track that’s super sentimental, & memorably beautiful..

Stream ¬ Don’t Ever Let Me Go